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The Dalmatian Club of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.  It’s purpose is:

      • To promote and advance the breeding of pure bred Dalmatians and dissemination of knowledge regarding         Dalmatians.

      • To develop and bring to perfection their normal high qualities.

      • To encourage and foster dog shows, matches and exhibitions under the rules and regulations of the
        American Kennel Club.

      • To Protect the interest of the Dalmatian breed and the Dalmatian owner.

      • To promote and sponsor educational events and individual support to help the new or troubled Dal owner to         keep their Dal family member instead of turning them over to a rescue organization.

      • Meetings of the club are held bimonthly.  Guests are welcome.

Meeting Schedule

     September 30, 2023 @ 1 hour after Dalmatian Judging

          * Location - Industry Hills Expo Center
           16200 Temple Avenue, City of Industry, California 91744

     Date - TBD - Annual Membership Meeting and Holi-Dal Potluck

          * Location - TBD


     Dalmatian Club of Southern California Back-to-back Specialties September 29th 2023 with SAVKC
          * Premium available, Entries open August 9th
          * Enter the Dalmatian Club of Southern California Back-toBack Shows at Dogzibit!
          * Entries close SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 @ 6 PM PT
          * Dalmatian Club of Southern California Speicalty 2023 - Judging Program

Officers & Board of Directors

      * President:  Walt Freshour

      * Vice President:  Suzi Wahl

      * Treasurer:  Carrie Jordan

      * Corresponding Secretary:  Jill Harris - JillHarris87@outlook.com

      * Recording Secretary:  Diane Rosenberg

      * Board Member:  Teresa Bailey

      * Board Member:  Kathy Cavanaugh

      * Board Member:  Laura Rosenberg

      * Board Member:  Sherry Newton



      Puppies available, go to Breeder Referrel page for details.



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