Photo Gallery

DCSC Club activity and fun photos taken during club events, meetings, potlucks, etc...

Palm Springs 2023 - DCSC Club Group Picture after meeting and potluck breakfast.

Potluck - Waffles and Bacon with the Fixin!

Diane and Laura Rosenberg - Fixing the Waffles

Scott Sager - Chillin

Tammy Jenkins, Susi Baker, Emily Jenkins

Suzi Wahl, Teresa Bailey, Susi Baker

Susi Baker, Nancy Dandrea, Kathy Martin

Tammy Jenkins, Emily (Tweety) Jenkins, Suzi Wahl, Laura Rosenbery, Teresa Bailey

Scott Sager and Diane Rosenberg

Emily Jenkins, Kathy Wahl, Monte, Suzi Wahl

Walt Freshour Calling Meeting to Order!